Aloha, I’m Brenda. I’m a product designer and web developer with a passion for designing fluid web and mobile interfaces that bring together functional and engaging user experiences. I take a user centered approach to build great visual and product design.

I have always been intrigued by great design. Whether it is a solid piece of furniture, a nice pair of sunglasses or a well-structured layout, great design has always caught my eye. The beauty, functionality and creativity that go into design are elements that inspire me to craft digital experiences. I enjoy writing clean, organized and semantic code while experimenting with typography, subtle animations and CSS tricks. I love what I do and I’m always striving to improve my design skills.

I’m currently a product designer at Centerfield, a marketing and advertising technology firm. There are many projects in the works, but some of the key projects I lead the design and implementation include an Agent Console, Workforce Management platform and IVR Script Studio application.

Fun facts about me: I'm a certified open water diver, lover of puppies, and lover of all things matcha. I was also a pharmacy technician in another life.

Connect with me at hello@brendalau.com

Election Website Redesign

  • User Experience Design
  • Information Architecture
  • User Personas
  • Competitive Gap Analysis
  • Content Audit
  • Wireframes
  • Prototyping

The scope of this UX project was to create a content strategy proposal to redesign the ‘Elections Canada’ website. The redesign aims to deliver an organized site architecture that simplifies the process of voting and improves the current user experience from beginning to end. The design incorporates a clean and effective layout that is easy for all types of users to navigate for information.

The project was separated in two parts – Content Strategy and Prototype. The content strategy was developed in a collaborative effort of five team members. The individual component consisted of creating a functioning coded prototype, style guide and style tile. View the below pdf strategy for more details.

View Strategy

Content Strategy   For the strategy, we first began with a design sprint to generate as many ideas as possible in order to understand, define and decide on the direction of our design. From there, we established user and stakeholder goals, target audiences and interviewed users to develop fact based personas and empathy maps. We interviewed a total of 25 users for this case study.

The strategy also includes an information architecture and competitive gap analysis where the voting websites of four countries were compared against ‘Elections Canada’. The countries that were chosen for the analysis have diverse demographics and well established voting systems in place that reflect similarities to that of Canada's system.

Proposal   The proposal brings together key elements to redesign the current Elections Canada website with a focus on the “How to Vote” section. The proposed redesign would focus on a clean, modern approach and would include the change of fonts, colors and layout of the overall site. In addition, the use of more images will provide a better visual reference and appeal to more users visiting the site.

Elections Canada Screenshot
Elections Canada Style Guide
Elections Canada Style Tile

Style Guide and Tile The style tile and guide brings together a visual reference to the design language of the site and also includes the voice and tone the site should convey.